Baby and Child Chiropractic

Chiropractic care aims to assist people to be healthy. At Back In Line Chiropractic we believe a healthy spine coupled with a healthy nervous system is crucial in terms of maintaining a healthy body.

If certain areas of your child’s spine lose their proper alignment or function, this can interfere with the nervous system and normal function of the organs, tissues, and muscles it controls. There are many ways your child’s spine can become dysfunctional. The birth process (natural, forceps, suction, even cesarian), falls, or even emotional and chemical stress.

If your child’s spine is dysfunctional, the symptoms may not appear for years or they may be obvious immediately. The sort of problems that may arise will usually depend on the age of the child.

Chiropractic adjustments to children and babies are extremely safe as well as being very effective. In the scientific literature, there is no substantial evidence of harm coming to children from chiropractic care.

At Back In Line Chiropractic, we are particularly dedicated to helping kids grow and develop to the best of their ability.

To give your child/baby a healthy start to life is one of the best ways to help prevent disease and promote good health. Childhood is when your body grows and develops the most and all children function better with an uninterfered nervous system.