Dr Warren Sipser is the owner and director of SFC Wellness Center. He graduated from the prestigious 5 year RMIT course, achieving a Bachelors of Clinical Science and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, after having begun his studies in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Warren was presented with an Outstanding Service Award by the Victorian branch of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia in 2012 and has served on the executive of Victorian C.A.A. as a senior director since 2001. Prior to his vocation as a Chiropractor, Warren was a paramedic for 2 years in Johannesburg.

This experience provided him with a sound foundation for human physiology and an incredible appreciation for the intricate workings of the human body.In his 15 years at Sipser Family Chiropractic, Warren has been trusted to care for Olympic gold medallists, industry leaders, new born babies and everyone in between. Warren is a sought after corporate health consultant and speaker.  When not helping people get well Warren’s other passion is spending time with his son Beaudy and participating in Crossfit.